Creative Allies



Design Submissions

While so much is digital in the world, this campaign allowed our artists to keep it simple for a moment and create amazing art with just a ballpoint pen. This contest wasn’t for the faint of heart!

Social Media Impressions

The Fight For Your Write campaign raised awareness for the importance of writing and allowed for our creatives to tell a creative story with just a ballpoint pen.

Designer Prizes & Extras

The Grand Prize winner walked away with $1,000 and two other winners took home $750 and $500 for this design campaign.

Social Impact With A Twist

Creative Allies partnered with BIC® to help activate the brand’s Fight For Your Write campaign. Our community
of designers and artists jumped at the chance to help celebrate the campaign’s mission to promote the power of writing and individuality.

A panel of BIC® design gurus selected the winners based on the following equally weighted criteria: Creativity, Visual Appeal, Fit with the Brand, Skill & Technique.

With over 1 million total contest impressions, our allies took the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword” to a whole new level.



Doodlers and Sketch Artists Welcome

For this campaign, we looked for any sort of doodle, sketch, outline, design, cartoon, or handwritten word or phrase, whatever the creatives could possibly think of using any color or point size ballpoint pen such as the iconic BIC® Cristal® Ball Pen as your aesthetic motivation. Just make sure your artwork showcases the freedom and expressive nature of the pen!

It is important to show the judges what is possible with a simple ballpoint pen. Therefore your entry must be hand drawn with a pen and then scanned in to be eligible to win. Do not underestimate the power of the ballpoint pen! Only designs created with a ballpoint pen were eligible to win.

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